Year-end fashion

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Hair and make-up styles for the holidays

WE’VE talked about hot clothes, shoes, and gifts for the season. We’ve done the dress rehearsals a couple of times and finally, the big show has come. It’s December! And just like in any other show, the whole package wouldn’t be complete without the final touches – the hair and make-up.

Read on and take a last look at the season’s top bets before you head out for the month’s big events.

Hair talk


Year-end fashion 1‘Tis the season to enrich your hair color. Traditional shades are the craze like killer coppers and raging reds. Make sure to ask a professional to know which color best suits your complexion before choosing one. For some experimental (and brave) women out there though, some unconventional colors are also making noise for the holidays such as purple, teal, and pink! Just make it a point that these said hues are allowed in your workplace unless you plan to wear a washable hair color.

If you’re sporting a certain color already, you may want to add a few highlights that can create a world of difference and dimension into your hair. For sure you’ve heard of ombré, right? Well that’s kind of yesterday already as a new trend is coming… Sombre! Sombre is actually a subtler version of ombré, adding only a few sun-kissed highlights around the face. Have you seen the latest VS fashion show? Yes, those sexy angels’ hairs.

Year-end fashion 2


Getting a new cut is always tempting around this time because apart from the parties, New Year is also fast approaching. So thinking of what style to get? Go for short! It’s easy, sexy, and sassy! With so many chic

styles to choose from, the options are practically unlimited. Bobs and pixies are always the top and safest choices.

If you still can’t say goodbye to your long locks, you may want to consider getting some fringe or bangs for a fainter new look. Face-framing bangs will instantly give you a new aura without necessarily chopping off any length. Similarly, changing the part of the hair can change the look as well. Try parting down your hair in the middle and you might be surprised to see a “new” boho hairstyle.


No matter what color or cut you opt to strut this season, it won’t be complete without the right hairstyle. If you want to simply let the hair down, disheveled, tousled, and curl are the current trends. With the help of a cYear-end fashion 3urling iron, you can achieve this look by making curls from midlength down, flipping your head upside-down, and finally shaking your hair out for that tousled curl.

Say you want your hair up instead? Why not try a top knot, a messy bun, or braids to keep the hair intact. These styles are at rage this season, plus they have great day-tonight versatility. Just make sure to put on some hairspray to hold the style in place.


When it comes to pairing make-up with your new holiday hairstyle, jewel tones and metallic colors come best. Emerald, amethyst, and sapphire eye shadows are often seen on runways this season. To better highlight these jewel tones, try rimming your water line with a navy, plum, or black liner.

Year-end fashion 4On a similar note, metallic hues such as champagne, bronze, silver, gunmetal, and gold are great eye shadow shades to match the festive parties this month. Make sure to frame your face with thick brows, filling them in as needed. Finish the whole look by donning a red lipstick. Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone.

As parties start to flow in as fast as the cold December winds, hope these tips have come in handy to give you the best holiday to date.

VitalSigns Issue 58 Vol. 2, December 1-31, 2013