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Coast guard issues reminders

SWIMMING, either in a swimming pool or the beach, always comes to one’s mind when one thinks of summer.

But some may have had too much to drink and unwittingly venture deeper into the water, seemingly unaware they might get drowned or get stung by a wayward jellyfish.

To protect those who plan to go swimming this summer, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) issued public reminders and appealed to resort owners to assign lifeguards in pools and beaches. This can significantly reduce drowning incidents and immediately apply first aid to those stung by jellyfish.

In an email, the Coast Guard issued reminders to the public and the beachgoers as well. These are:

1. Before going to the beach resorts, check weather updates especially if there’s a stormy weather ahead so that general safety will be observed.

2. Always look after the children while they are in the swimming pool or beach.

3. Double check if the children have adequate floating devices.

4. Make sure there are certified lifeguards on duty so they can immediately give first aid in case of emergencies.

5. Always follow the house rules and regulations of resorts and abide by the lifeguards’ instructions.

6. Obey beach resort owner’s warnings.

7. Walk. Don’t run on poolsides.

8. Avoid bathing alone and always have a companion.

9. Don’t swim while under the influence of liquor.

10. Double precautionary measures and tell the beach resort owner if the group will do overnight swimming. Joel C. Atencio

Vital Signs Issue 73 Vol. 4, March 1-31 2015

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