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The art of de-stressing… literally

RETAIL THERAPY. Hair cut. Travel. What is the common denominator of these three? Yes, they are among the all-time favorite de-stressing activities. And while they may be helpful to eliminate unnecessary stress, these activities can be quite costly and risky (a haircut based on impulsive emotions? No-no!)

Good thing, though, that over the past years, several establishments are sprouting like mushrooms that can serve as alternatives for all your de-stressing needs. Take Sip and Gogh, for instance.

The artistic beginning

The idea of setting up the premier paint and sip studio in the country came about in 2012. A couple of friends, all of which are art and wine lovers, thought of providing a cozy venue for those who want to explore their creative side while enjoying a good sip of choice beverages with fellow enthusiasts.

And since the owners are all inspired by the masterful creations of Van Gogh, they unanimously decided to name the studio after him.

More than three years after its opening, Sip and Gogh has already expanded into four branches. The reason behind its success is the fact that not only art enthusiasts enjoyed their experiences here, but even those who are not so “artsy”. A lot of their customers are self-confessed non-artists who simply want to relax and try something different from their typical activities. And sure enough after a session, these customers usually go home happy and fulfilled.

The actual moment

The road to happiness and fulfillment starts in choosing one’s class. A session usually takes two to three hours, depending on the type of lesson one prefers. If the customer chooses to join a group class, the session might take a bit longer since there’s only one instructor per class. However, if the customer chooses a one-on-one lecture, the session normally takes faster; but of course, it comes with some additional fee.

Upon the start of each session, the customers are given a chance to pick a painting they want to imitate. Once decided, the instructor will then hand out all the materials needed including the canvass, paint, paintbrushes, and apron. Upon settling, the instructor will start giving directions and tips on proper techniques to create the selected painting. In the middle of the session, a round of beverage and snacks will be served to the customers to make sure that they have enough energy to finish their obras.

The holistic experience

With their masterpiece done, they become more than just satisfied with the whole Sip and Gogh experience because apart from the painting and sipping parts, it is also a venue for selfdiscovery.

‘Sip and Gogh’ 4

As mentioned above, a lot of customers are amateurs (if not first timers) when it comes to painting. So you can just imagine their surprise when after two to three hours of hard work, they would discover that they could actually paint! Gasps and huffs are usual reactions. But more than that, their clienteles feel a newfound confidence and sense of fulfillment. And there’s probably no better way to de-stress than to feel that!

Vital Signs Issue 85 Vol. 4, March 1-31 2016