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Gift suggestions for different personalities

HERE COMES the Christmas season, and yes that’s almost synonymous with Christmas shopping! While it’s always fun to shop for our family and friends (sans the traffic), the biggest challenge is what gift to buy especially if these people have different interests and personalities.

Sure, there will always be “generally acceptable” gifts around, but you wouldn’t want to give them just that, would you? So to make your holiday a little less stressful, here are some gift suggestions for ALL your loved ones. Enjoy creating your shopping list!


Balenciaga L’Essence Candle

Fashionistas in general consider two essential things when purchasing any item: Brand and style. So this very chic candle from Balenciaga will surely make your fasyon loved ones giggle like a kid upon receiving it. And as if the label is not enough, the candle smells like “delicate flowers and soft mosses” – the great ourdoors, glorified.

Lorac Pro Palette 2

A true fashionista does not leave the house without a made-up face and this Lorac Pro Palette 2, which is the sequel to the bestselling and much-loved Pro Palette is a must have for any fashionista. If she does not have it yet in her kikay kit, this will absolutely make one of the best Christmas gifts.

It features eight shimmer and eight matte eye shadows in different shades to create various beautiful looks. What’s more, the Lorac Pro Palette 2 comes with Mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer for expertly applied eye shadow.

Lancome Clarisonic Mia and Lancome high performance skincare set

It’s a well-known fact that Clarisonic is one of the top recommended cleaning devices by dermatologists. With its patented sonic technology, this device gently removes impurities leaving the skin looking clean and fresh. And with the combination of Clarisonic and Lancome – leading beauty brand in skincare – in this gift set, any fashionista will definitely love it (and you).


Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

The Nutri Ninja is a jack-of-all-trades: stunningly good looks, sharp blades, and the capacity to take down everything in its path. It’s the perfect equipment in any athlete’s kitchen, offering easy chopping, blending, mixing, and most importantly nutrient and vitamin extracting.

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender can break down skins, seeds, stems, and whole foods into a smooth, drinkable consistency. And take note, all without the help of liquids that would only dilute the flavor of the drink.

Suunto Ambit3

Every athlete knows Suunto, and most likely, every athlete wants one – especially if it’s Suunto Ambit3. Well who wouldn’t? This watch has GPS navigation, altitude, Bluetooth compatibility, and all the requisite speed, cadence, and distance tracking for run, bike, or swim. Fittingly, it also tracks general movement and recovery time to track when one’s most and least active. What’s more, all the data syncs to Suunto’s App and website for viewing and sharing.


If there’s genie in a bottle, this must-have massager is therapist in a ball. SklzAccuball offers personal muscle relief to reduce soreness and accelerate recovery just like a professional therapist. Moreover, Accuball features a dual-density design and a yellow “knob” that imitates a massage therapist’s knuckles or elbows. Make any athlete relative/friend happy by giving them this stress reliever gift that comes in a tight, versatile package.


Bluelounge Soba System

It won’t take long before the wireless era comes, but sadly, it’s not here yet. So if you have a techie person in your life who detests the sight of a stray cable, this organizer must be a heaven sent to him. True, it may be a fancy way to bundle multiple cables, but it will provide relief beyond imagination.

Logitech K480 Keyboard

Unlike other mobile keyboards, this multifaceted one works with pretty much anything (read: almost everything). So long as you’ve access to a Bluetooth-enabled product (hint: you do), this keyboard will make text input around 175 percent easier! And what sets this apparatus further apart from other mobile keyboards is its ability to mount three devices; you can instantly switch work from one device to another by simply turning a knob.

Jack Spade Tech Oxford Briefcase

With its price of more than PhP 20,000, you surely can find another laptop briefcase with a much lower price. But if you’re buying for a stylish, classy, and techie person rolled into one, nothing can be more perfect than this. Apart from being lightweight and delightfully simple, it is crafted to be grabbed, slammed, and toted all over. Note: It is made to be abused.


Anything That Moves by Dana Goodyear

This book is perfect for bookworms and foodie alike. Not only does the book talk about scrumptious meals, it also talks about the experiences of actual people who have tried them. Make your loved one happy (and hungry) by giving them this beautiful Christmas gift.

The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom

From the same author who wrote the bestseller, Tuesdays With Morrie, Mitch Albom wrote another book about the citizens of a little town who begin having phone calls from the life hereafter. This book will surely bring a smile – and probably some tears (a Mitch Albom guarantee) – on your loved one’s face this Christmas.

Untold, The Stories Behind the Photographs by Steve McCurry

This book is a graphi profile (comprising more than 100 colo images) of photojournalist Steve McCurry, best known for his remarkable 1985 portrait of an Afghan girl. Bookworms or not, the book can make anyone fall in love with it’s beautiful stills printed inside. It’s like a gallery within one’s reach.

Vital Signs Issue 69 Vol. 3, November 1-30 2014

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