Resolution #1: How to Lose the Holiday Weight


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How to Lose the Holiday Weight 3

The holidays are the perfect time to indulge – lechon, steak, quezo de bola, leche flan, cookies, cakes – and the list goes on. It’s no wonder it’s as easy as ABC to gain extra pounds. But to keep your body from gaining those additional holiday weight, you’ve got to have a plan to burn off those excess calories! It doesn’t have to be a whole day workout, and shouldn’t cost a fortune either. A good workout plan simply needs a combination of any cardio and strength training exercises. Doing cardiovascular activities like running is one of the fastest ways to burn calories, but it is building muscle that allows your body to use more calories and keep your metabolism fast.

Rheena Villamor-Camara, a sports and fitness TV host, makes a simple How to Lose the Holiday Weight 4post-holiday workout plan for all those who need to get back into shape after a day (or days!) of feasting.

Cardio Workout

Walking, jogging, and running are the most popular cardio activities because they don’t require much equipment and they can be done almost anywhere. Rheena suggests doing any of these exercises 30-45 minutes everyday, and gradually increasing time as the body adapts. Don’t forget to do some stretching though prior to any exercise to avoid any injury. Also, wear the right shoes to give the right support.

If you’re into dancing, Zumba is a great option. If you have any preferred sport like basketball or tennis, they can also serve as your cardio. Important thing is you keep moving and let the calories keep burning.

How to Lose the Holiday Weight 5Strength Training Workout

The good part about strength training is that you only need to do it 2-3 times a week to start seeing the toning and shaping effects on your body. In fact, doing strength and training exercises more than that might hurt your muscles. Muscles that have been fatigued through strength training need time to rest and repair themselves. The best way to strengthen and tone your muscles is to focus on specific parts of your body. For example, you can work out your arms and abs on Wednesday and your legs on Saturday. It’s advisable to have at least one day in between workouts.

Below, Rheena lists down some workouts for the arms, abs, and legs.

Arms and Abs

Bicep Curl – 5lbs., 20reps., 3sets
Tricep Extension – 5lbs., 20reps., 3 sets
Shoulder Press – 5 lbs., 20 reps., 3 sets


How to Lose the Holiday Weight 6Wall Squats – 20 reps., 3 sets
Side Lunge – 15 reps., 3 sets

Whole Body

Mountain Climbers – 15 reps., 3 sets
Burpees – 20 reps., 3 sets

The Christmas Season just ended and we are back to square one this 2017, but our weight for sure ain’t that way. But well, worry no more as here we have some tips on how to get rid of those extra pounds gained over the holiday break. So before all those weight continue to pile up, start moving now and follow these ways on how to enjoy a fit, sexy and healthy new year!