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Two-weekend celebrations for Malasimbo’s 5th year


EXPECT MORE fun, beauty, brain, and people at the 5th year of Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival slated on March 6-8 and March 13-15 in Puerto Galera.

The first schedule is open for all ages, while the second round is intended for the younger generation.

Malasimbo festival hosts more than 5,000 people from over 30 countries. Having a 10-day affair encourages international tourists to stay at least 10 days in Mindoro and the Philippines.

This further activates Malasimbo’s eco-cultural tourism efforts, and allows tourists to fully discover all of the amazing activities and sights the Philippines have to offer.

At the rate of Malasimbo Festival’s growth parallel to Puerto Galera’s limited accommodating capacity, creating a second weekend and ultimately longer Malasimbo experience helps maintain convenience for the audience and gives local tourism a greater return. It has a capped capacity and it wants to ensure safety for all.

The Malasimbo lights and dance festival caters to a specifically targeted market – the millennial – and offers an immersive feast of state-of-the-art light shows enhanced with contemporary and traditional dance performances, full-circled with hip hop, house, and electronic music that is most relevant to the youth of today.

In an industry where sustainable development is at times overlooked, Malasimbo festival has proven to be a solid name to stay for decades, which will continue giving innovation and quality entertainment to its loyal fans and its organically-growing audience.

In celebration of the fifth anniversary, the Malasimbo family proudly introduces an entirely new concept that is already creating a buzz with the youth: The Malasimbo Lights & Dance Festival set on March 13-15.

Performing acts

Dance organizations are given a prime spot at the festival in celebration of the 5th Anniversary to include the Philippine All Stars, Planet Zips Luminaries, Daloy Dance Company and more to grace the Malasimbo stage.

Quality music is, of course, another key element of the Malasimbo lights and dance festival. A talented selection of DJs, both local and international, is guaranteed to make you dance all night.

DJs Kentaro, Mitsu the Beats, To-Ru, HiFaNa, and Tetsuji Tanaka & MC Cardz are flying in straight from Japan, accompanied by many great acts: Swindle (UK), Manolet Dario, Mikail, Br3aking Silence, Emel Rowe, and Lyrically Deranged Poets to bring Philippines’ finest in hip hop today; many more notable acts soon to be announced.

New attractions

Exciting additions to watch out for the 5th Anniversary – Malasimbo pulls neighbouring cities (Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and Boracay) closer; Malasimbo at parties up-the-ante for festival-day-dayprograms, and in between the two weekends—Malasimbo will stay alive hosting activities for Puerto Galera’s local community.

The Malasimbo Festival is an experience-driven event—regardless of the line-up of acts, one is sure to have an unforgettable time. The biggest headliner in Malasimbo is Malasimbo, and for those who seek culture, adventure, and magic, this is the place to discover it.

Vital Signs Issue 72 Vol. 4, February 1-28 2015

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