Electronic gift checks to buy medicines for OFWs’ relatives


To secure the money transferred will be directly allotted for medicines, Generika Drugstore presented MedPadala, an easy and more convenient way for the poor and OFWs to send money through electronic gift check.

MedPadala is an electronic gift check purposely designed for the purchasing of medicines and other medical-related items. Launched by Generika Drugstore, the gift check for medicines caters to those who are away from their families who would like to send in money for their loved ones’ medicines.

“With MedPadala, we are trying to fulfill a simple and humble purpose which is to ensure that when it comes to the money being transferred for medicines, it will not be diverted into something else,” Generika Drugstore vice president Julien B. Bello said.

Aside from the convenience and assurance, Bello said that they would like to help them stretch their budget through the affordable generic medicines.

Brand Ambassador Boy Abunda also noted that the electronic gift check for medicines shall benefit those who work away from their family, especially the OFWs.

MedPadala could be used for purchasing medicines, vitamins, food supplements, and others.

The gift check may be redeemed in all 480 Generika branches nationwide and does not have an expiration date.

A MedPadala Code and PIN can be sent via text message or email. Upon receipt of the code and pin, the beneficiary could now avail medicines and other medical-related items within the drugstore.

The e-gift check may be acquired through LBC and VMobile members around the world.

VitalSigns Issue 66 Vol. 3, August 1-31, 2014

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