Heart code: 52-100

PHA urges public to live a healthy lifestyle

The Philippine Heart Association (PHA) has encouraged its lay members and the public to live the 52-100 way in a forum at the 45th PHA Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting held in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.

PHA’s 52-100 way stands for: 5 servings of vegetables and fruits; 2 hours of maximum screen time (computer or television); 1 hour of moderate physical activity; 0 cut down on sugary beverages like soft drinks and sweetened artificial juices; and 0 smoking.

Director and advocacy committee chair Dr. Jonas del Rosario told the members to help spread the message on 52-100 lifestyle, an adaptation to the 52-10 campaign of the United States versus childhood obesity. The PHA just modified it and included smoking with its high prevalence rate in the country.

A recent study divulged that childhood obesity and smoking rate are growing concerns because they are the precursors to heart disease.

“Smoking starts as early as 10 years old and childhood obesity is on the rise. We should start addressing our kids while they are still in grade school,” said Dr. del Rosario.

He added that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the top two leading diseases of mortality that is acquired during childhood from modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors.

But PHA immediate past President Dr. Eugene Reyes stressed that modifiable risks such as high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, physical inactivity, smoking, and stress can be prevented.

Adding to the risk factors of CVD are poor oral health, intima media thickness, (thickness of the wall of the arteries) homocycteine, lipoprotein A and cytokines (which are markers for blood clotting and high sensitive C-reactive protein, a maskers for a coronary inflammation).

Nurse Ma. Nanita Umali said that opting to eat home-cooked meals are the best options. Broiled, roasted, boiled steamed foods, vegetable salad with vinegar dressings are better than oily ones.

Meanwhile, having a regular dose of exercise is also needed in one’s schedule.

The PHA officers also stressed that we need to engage in regular exercises not merely to have a shapely body, but for stronger bones and a better cardiovascular condition. Gelyka Ruth R. Dumaraos

VitalSigns Issue 65 Vol. 3, July 1-31, 2014

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