Fashion forecast 2014 (Part 2)

From bold looks to back-to-basics, the 2014 fashion forecasts for hair and make-up will definitely have something for everyone


Beauty & Wellness
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We finish the look that’s trending in 2014 with these hair and make-up forecasts spotted from trends on the runway at the beginning of the year:

Fashion forecast - Beauty & Wellness - 1

Fashion forecast - Beauty & Wellness - 2Hair Style

Women of style have let their lengthy hairs sway on their own these past years. The updo look shall rule in 2014. Hairs will be brushed up into striking updo’s with extreme textures, enhanced by lavish accessories. It will be favored for its no fuss practicality and laidback day-to-night transition.

Fashion forecast - Beauty & Wellness - 3Cut

The previous year has taught us one fundamental thing about hair: it’s TOTALLY okay to chuck it off! Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Ann Hathaway, and Miley Cyrus began a new wave of hair trend. That trend will continue to follow through as short, cropped-cuts are expected to remain the “in” look.


True tones and exceedingly saturated colors are the fad for hair color in the year of the horse. If it’s copper, it’s striking penny. If it’s blonde, it’s honey. And if it’s dark, it’s charcoal and nothing short of it. Ombre may have taken the fashion industry by storm last year, but this year, it transforms into a subtler version of itself, leaving only small flecks of light to complement the strong color they accent.

Fashion forecast - Beauty & Wellness - 4Makeup Bright orange lips

Pastel shades will be dominating 2014. Popping lipstick colors like bright orange will complement the muted tones of pastels. Orange lips are practically flattering on just about every skin tone.

Au naturale

Natural beauty will be the highlight of 2014. Make-up junkies, however, can still wear the all-natural look with make-up provided they keep it VERY minimal. Primers and moisturizers are good bases to achieve a healthylooking glow before dabbing small amounts of concealer on needed areas. For a hint of color on the face, use neutral blush along the apples of the cheeks.

Dark liner

Bold swipes of smudgy, edgy liners – paired with almost nothing else – make quite a statement in 2014. Makeup experts say that the messier the smudging is (within reason please!), the hotter the look will be.

Fashion forecast - Beauty & Wellness - 5

Pastel wash of color

Didn’t we say pastels would rule this year? Pastels such as blue, green, purple, and pink (yup, you read that right- even pink!) are hot picks for eyeshadows. Just remember not to apply too much to achieve the pastel finish of the colors.

Have a fabulously fashionable year!

VitalSigns Issue 60 Vol. 3, February 1-28, 2014