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News Flash: Bikini Weather is over. The country is about to leave behind the summer heat and is saying hello to the gloom of rainy days.

It’s sweater weather and there’s nothing more tempting to wear on a rainy day than an oversize sweater and a warm blanket to sleep the cold away.

Truth be told, looking your best might be the last thing you’d care about when the rain just melts away make-up or ruins clothes when it’s really pouring out. But when you really have to make an effort to look fashionable, forget that pullover that even your granny may be ashamed to wear herself.

These are my tips on how to STILL be fashionable during the rainy season:

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Brighten up

Dark clouds are going to be frequent sightings these coming days. But don’t permit it to dominate you with that miserable and gloomy feeling. Instead, counter it by digging into your closet for brightly colored clothes and wear it to lift your soul. For safety, pair a bright-colored top with a darkcolored bottom in case you need to walk on wet roads.

Waterproof bags

Our bags carry the most important things—cellphone, wallet, iPad, make-up – practically everything! And 99.9% of them are (we bet!) NOT water-resistant. It is only very important to find a bag that will protect them and still look trendy. Good choices are the ever reliable jelly bags like FURLA’s. There are different sizes and colors that you can choose from, depending on your mood or outfit. But for those who are looking for more budget-friendly finds, fashionable plastic transparent bags are available everywhere!

Scarf up

Add a scarf to the outfit. It shall provide the warmth you need during the cold weather, plus it presents that sophisticated look you desire. Together with the colorful getup, select a scarf with neutral colors, and vice versa. Or gear up some warmth with colorful scarves around the neck. Drive away the blues of this gloomy weather with some lurid colored scarves that match most outfits. Experiment with several styles of folded scarf or just swathed over the shoulder.

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Trench coats, jackets, cardigans

The rainy season must be the perfect time to use boldly colors and bright as a sunshine-colored trench coat. The classic trench coat is like no other. It can be easily worn with everything – from casual to evening wear. Plus, a belted, buttoned classic trench is a good way to face the rain without throwing out good taste. This is a classic fashion statement and more for women.

Other than trench coats, many beautiful jackets are out there for the picking. It’ll keep you warm and spice up your look too. Getting a black or brown one is no problem so it can be worn anytime and anywhere. It can also be paired with a pair of jeans to make it comfortable and give that cool casual look. Cardigans are also a must this season. Besides being comfy, they can be casual and corporate. Pair it up with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, or even dresses. Wearing a tank top or a t-shirt underneath is also no problem when your look is casual.

Flaunt legs

Dresses, skirts, shorts are good choices to avoid getting your clothes wet. Pair it with a trench coat, jacket, or cardigan for added warmth during the cold weather.

Step into boots

Momentarily bid goodbye to your beloved pairs of sandals and heels and say hello to boots. But remember, suede and leather are BIG no-no’s. These materials are easily ruined (not to mention quite smelly!) once wet. Instead, go for rubber or pleather (protectant-treated leather shoes). But if you’ve got the guts to be edgier – and wetter – go for rain boots! The wide selectionof rain boots available in the market can surely cater to everyone’s need. And yes, even to uber fashion-savvy people can make fashionable statements from rain boots. Did we mention that Chanel and Louis Vuitton have it too?

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VitalSigns Issue 64 Vol. 3, June 1-30, 2014