Care for the aging heart

The elderly carries high mortality, morbidity, disability rates—FLEHD


For its 14th National Annual Convention, the Foundation for Lay Education on Heart Diseases, Inc. (FLEHD) tackled cardiovascular issues involving the age group who are most prone — our beloved seniors.

Advances in medicine have steadily been increasing human life expectancy. This also leads to an increase in the elderly population, most of which will eventually develop cardiovascular issues.

The series of lectures included in this year’s program, as FLEHD President Dr. Adolfo Bellosillo explained, will address the problems and other matters of cardiovascular nature in the aging population.

Dr. Bellosillo said that this age group carries the burden of high mortality, morbidity, and disability rates from acquired cardiovascular diseases including complications of atherosclerosis, in the form of hypertension and coronary artery disease.

The lecture sessions included topics that discussed management and treatment of coronary artery disease, dyslipidemia, valvular diseases, and multiple organ failure, and acute pulmonary edema in the elderly; cardiac rehabilitation for the elderly and disabled; sex and the aging heart; and treatment choices (medical, interventional, surgical) for elderly coronary patients among others.

There was also a postgraduate course on Bedside Cardiology that served as a refresher course on the basics of the physical examination of the cardiovascular system to maximize cardiovascular information.

The faculty, led by Dr. Bellosillo, was composed of 14 FLEHD members and one from the Makati Medical Center.

Participants were also entertained with world-class performances from the UP Concert Chorus and Ballet Manila during session breaks. FLEHD members did not let themselves get upstaged as representatives from some chapters also performed and sang renditions of some songs from FLEHD’s musical “How to Remain Young at Heart.”

The convention was held at the Tower 2 Auditorium of the Makati Medical Center (MMC), in cooperation with the Optimal Aging Center of the MMC.

Care for the aging heart 2

VitalSigns Issue 61 Vol. 3, March 1-31, 2014